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Four X in Action

fourx.fiFour X in Action

Four X electric wheelchair is designed to be part of its driver’s adventurous life. Four X keeps its driver on track and takes the driver from asphalt to forest terrain with ease while both 4-wheel drive and flexible chassis ensure secure and smooth mobility. Four X is at its best in tough terrain and likes challenges; gravel and sand are easy for the chair. Four X manages also cobblestone streets and passes over thresholds, so entering a store will not be a problem, likewise going over a curb will not be an obstacle.

Four X allows its users to actively participate in outdoor activities with family and friends or with pets during summer and winter, regardless of the weather, with independent movement. Four X is made to be a part of active lifestyle while ensuring that the driver will have a safe and comfortable journey ahead.

Four X - Driving on gravel

Four X - Turning radius

Four X - Driving on uneven terrain

Four X - Driving in forest

Four X - Driving downhill