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Inspiration gained from WHO Expo 2015

fourx.fiNewsInspiration gained from WHO Expo 2015



Inspiration gained from WHO Expo 2015

Chasswheel took part in the WHO European Healthy Cities Conference held at Kuopio, Finland on 24th – 26th June. The conference focused on healthy living in urban areas and the participants shared ideas and tackled problems with panels and workshops. We are happy to tell that the Expo held along with the conference went well and Four X Urban raised a lot of interest among healthcare professionals from various countries around the world.


All the exhibitors attending were from Finland specializing on advancing the healthcare industry with equipment and software designed to support and encourage the rehabilitation of patients as well as making their lives much more easier and enjoyable.

During free-time we were able to familiarize ourselves with the other exhibitors and exchange ideas about the future of the healthcare industry, the upcoming challenges and solutions, and investments that the healthcare sector needs to do in the future as the age distribution of the people change. A common consensus seemed to be that healthcare sectors around the world are facing the similar issues and both the conference and the expo presented a great opportunity to exchange ideas regarding these matters.

Our exhibition booth was located near the conference hall entrance and attracted attention. We were able to showcase the new electric wheelchair and demonstrate its features to the attendees.


Participants admired the chairs stylish, modern design and practicality as well as its features which enable its user to move comfortably and independently indoors and in busy urban environments. Many of the attendees were quite surprised about the chairs features and commented that these features would easily suit for any city in the world.

Enriched with this experience and the knowledge gained, we are full of energy and eager to continue our journey this year. We thrive to develop all of our products and aim for Four X Urban to be part of the health promoting urban lifestyles in the future with its unique and user oriented design and features.