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15 month calendar for charity.
October 2015 –>December 2016

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Product Description

Charity calendar

Wheelchair users as models for the charity calendar!

Each photo includes a person with disability, who has previously used or currently uses wheelchair. The calendar project has been a fun experience for models, brought changes to their daily routines and most importantly –brought out the feeling that someone listens.  Photos are designed together with models and tell a message they want to deliver for the audience.

All the returns will be donated for the school of physically disabled children to give them the best possible helping aids.

Our other goal is to raise conversation that we are all equal people. It important to understand that unexpected things can happen, which changes life almost irreversible and requires help from people around them. It is possible to raise the level of understanding in general that we all are very similar and individuals at the same time, whether the person is using helping aids or not.

Without actions everything remains the same. Join us to change the world.

—Kati Van Der Hoeven-Lepistö

Kati Van Der Hoeven-Lepistö is the Young Achiever 2014 (Junior Division of the Chamber of Commerce International Finland) and also author, active blogger and former supermodel.  Her career was cut short after afflicted brainstem infarction at the age of 21. She feels and thinks like everyone else, but only her eyes are functioning and the communication happens via letter chart. Kati is inspiring, positive person who has influenced thousands of people’s lives with her attitude toward life and determination. She wants to increase acceptance and understanding regarding our differences and support other paralyzed people to live their life to the fullest. She tells in her book called ‘Blink of an Eye’ about her experiences and spreads the message of positive life attitude.

-Karolina Halme

Karoliina’s ankle pulled off from her leg after 15 meters fall in rope slide  accident

“Those, who saw me falling down were totally sure that I would not make it” tells Karoliina Halme about her rope slide accident in summer camp 2013. The distance of the fall was around 15 meters, which is the height of 5-6 floor building, and the reason behind the accident was never uncovered. Karoliina’s foot separated from her leg and only a piece of skin held the severed parts together while all of her toes were pointing in different directions.

Promising supermodel career ended in locked-in syndrome

After the accident there were problems with moving the patient in a case of a back injury and Karoliina was lying down in the island consumed with terrible pain. Karoliina was operated at in Mikkeli and transported in critical condition to Töölö hospital in Helsinki. After surgeries the painful fight towards recovery began and today Karoliina, an extreme-spirited girl, walks and rides a motorcycle to clear her thoughts sometimes.

“Nothing worth achieving is not done easily. It requires a lot of hard work, willpower and determand attitude.”

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