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Urban Features

fourx.fiUrban Features

Four X Urban is Chasswheel’s most powered Class B electrical wheelchair to this date. The wheelchair has been designed especially for city life and indoor use. Its small frame, lighter look and practical steering makes it unbeatable around obstacles. Four X Urban offers its users a multifunctional, convertible and long-lasting wheelchair that enables its users to take part in versatile and independent lifestyle with family and friends with smooth maneuverability in busy city streets.

Like Four X, also Four X Urban has been designed with great attention to details; this has given the wheelchair its practical and easy controls, and secure maneuverability. Four X Urban’s flexible and sturdy chassis with efficient shock absorption and advanced four-wheel drive that responds to its user’s commands with smooth movements on even or challenging terrain ensures that the user feels comfortable when riding over curbs or on cobbled streets. Different color options for chassis are also available to suit the user’s preferences.

Every Four X Urban is assembled in Siilinjärvi, Finland by our highly trained experts, and only quality parts are used in the assembly process. With this we can proudly ensure that every wheelchair has industry’s most comprehensive warranty program and is ready to share its user’s adventures.


Wheelchair classification Class B
Maximum user weight 125 kg
Width 620 mm
Height 1000 mm
Length 920 mm (1170 with footrest down)
Weight with batteries 135 kg
Maximum speed 10 km/h
Drive distance ~ 40 km
Batteries 2 x 73 Ah, gel
Seat with 400–480 mm
Seat depth 390–510 mm
Back rest height 500–600 mm
Ground clearance 6’’ tire 70 mm
Slope climbing capacity 20o
Maximum obstacle climbing ability 150 mm
Seating height without cushions 6’’ tires
500 mm
Tilt angle 30o
Footrest angle 80o
Back rest angle 84o – 125o
Electronics Dynamic DX2
Warranty 2 years
Four X Urban
Front light with indicator
Rear light with indicator