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Urban movement at best

Four X Urban is a sum of creative design, innovative technology, and product development that define it as an interesting personal mobility device. Four X Urban is our most advanced electric wheelchair model designed for busy city life and the development is constantly ongoing, for the best possible combination of use. These different features create an easy to use, durable, and powerful electric wheelchair that takes its user to new places and further distances, while comfortably sitting down. Similarly to Four X, also Four X Urban has been designed to be a part of rehabilitation, with its unique features to serve its user with improved mobility on freedom of movement. With seat riser feature, incorporated to the wheelchair, the user can have conversations on eye level and change seating positions at will.

Medical and other benefits

Easier Breathing

Reduction of spasticity and contractures

Lowers risk of pressure ulcers

Safe movability

Functional benefits

Four X Urban is made to be easy to use. Lateral and side support and comfortable armrests ensure good and comfortable seating position.

Powerful 4-wheel drive and 4-point drive wheels promote safe navigation both indoors and outdoors and durable batteries ensure that the journey will not cut short. Each chair can be tailored and fitted to meet each user’s individual physical/clinical needs and requirements, thus offering more comfortable usage.